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Big Moon - the band before Boommoon

Hi, Go Birch here with a bit of history on the band. I wrote a set of lyrics in 1986 and hot-footed it to Phil Middleton's flat above Andy Cash Records in Erdington, armed with a bottle of wine and a few melodies in my head. Phil was a local hero of the music scene and had had a record deal with DJM as The Hobbs, a tongue in cheek punk band (although DJM didn't know that) who wrote awesome ditties such as "Pass the Spanner Diana". (No, really). That evening Phil put chords to the lyrics of Long Road, Dum Dum, Big Moon, What R U Doing 2Nite (Slade were doing it long before Prince), and Why, O Why.

Thanks to the magic of cassette to computer recording this session (and others) survives and can be heard below.

A week later we went electric, I'd purchased a tiny Casio 2 octave keyboard with built in drum machine (which I still own), also you can hear me pick up a bass for the first time ever on Dum Dum. We were joined that night by James Binning and another week after that we were joined by Adam Fisher on drums and named ourselves Big Moon.

The early set consisted of songs by each of us, giving us a very strange mix of Phil's ballardeering, Go pop and Jim rock. (Which is rock music but not as you, or anyone else, knows it). In that first rehearsal with Jim you can hear a version of Homeland, which went on to be a Druidspear classic. More about the rise and fall of Big Moon later, I'll let you catch up on the music up to this point first. (Video of this gig will be added soon).

As Big Moon, we only went into a recording studio on one occassion, and the fruit of this session can be heard here.

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